What We Do

...initiate and research counter narratives about bio-power, urbanism, culture and technology; and we explore these areas of interest through parody, live-art, civic engagement, pedagogy, multimedia, design, extra-disciplinary art practice.

Who We Are

...an artistic_research_activist unit...


SPARKmakers is a "thinkering" learning portable lab and consulting/teaching venture that CNS is developing as we speak. ---- Our vision is to build a team of maker-educators-activists to form a peer-to-peer network/cooperative and together develop thinkering labs where we will be sharing skills and excitement with youth and young adults in Philadelphia. ---- Central to this endeavor, SPARKmakers will be partnering with schools, organizations and individuals who are interested in providing youth and young adults innovative educational opportunities. We are especially interested in working with people who are invested in ending mass incarceration and inequity in our communities. ---- READ MORE of our "SPARKmakers - coop + charitable initiative"


HEALING OUR WOUNDS is a robust community-oriented initiative. The goal of the project is to choreograph a participatory public performance to be repeated several times over two months near Philadelphia’s former Walnut Street Jail (circa 1790) where, for the first time in the USA, a corridor of single prison cells had been built to isolate prisoners in order to “alleviate the misery of prisoners” from the overcrowding jail. This production will include redesigning a sculptural audio device central to the project, known as the Talking Ball, and using it for a series of four participatory workshops. The project will serve as a vehicle for emancipation through the use of the Talking Ball, dialogue with the site, workshops and public performance.


JOURNEY TO REFUGE is a personal journal of our creative research and anti-prison activism in Philadelphia. Since 2012 we have been organizing small scale social events and participating at others to reach an understanding about the ways neighborhoods surrounding Taller Puertorriqueño (North Kensignton, Fair Hill) have been affected by the invisible punishing machine, (CNS’ “science-fictional” way of defining the habitus of control...) and documenting our anti-prison activism in analytical performative writing, photographs and other media. --- READ MORE...


Since 2010 CNS has been developing a multifaceted long-term dialogical fieldwork called …When the Invisible Punishing Machine is Everywhere…The Weight I Carry with Me. It consists of organizing nomadic encounters and creating para-fictional actions as paradoxical remedies to interrogate intimately how invisible punishment, alienation and social-urban control in the terrain of the USA has affected my family, my friends, me and the community at large who have suffered the invisible effects of state control, incarceration and inequality. In other words, it is a kind of counter narrative that seeks to transform the weight I carry from studying and witnessing the invisible punishing machine that resides deep inside my body and in the habitus of control.


CNS DESIGN SOLUTIONS for special projects and community organizing as a truth telling strategy for Self-Expression, Self-Empowerment and Self-Determination; Intercultural Facilitation and Participatory Design; Social Engagement and Grassroots Anti-oppression Organizing.