Studio CNS / Counter Narrative Society

1st week: Summer Camp @ Fort Washington, PA

In partnership with Phoenix Wang and The Hacktory After School, CNS is currently teaching and designing the first of its kind Summer Camp at Fort Washington. Our curriculum is titled  Let’s Imagine… a City, Town, Village, Backyard Like A Playhouse and It’s Powered by Renewable Energy – this is an exploration on how we could use solar, hydro, kinetic, electric and bio-energy in both creative and practical ways to power our D.I.Y. gadgets and our camping-tent that we will transform into a playhouse.

For instance in the first week, we explored the properties of the SUN and WATER. So far, we have learned to make kaleidoscopes, draw light and shadow drawings, how our eyes work, engineer an archimedes screw, design structures to hold rain catchers and built a hanging garden that is irrigated with our D.I.Y siphon. We are also starting to brainstorm on how we are going to modify our  camping tent into a playhouse during the next five weeks of our summer camp.