Studio CNS / Counter Narrative Society

2nd – 3rd week: Summer Camp @ Fort Washington, PA

During the 2nd week we explored the properties of the WIND and AIR by playing with flags and making wind turbines, catapults and kites. Our goal was to see and understand kinetic energy in motion.

On the 3rd week, we started to learn how ELECTRIC POWER works. We first introduced students to the differences between what static electric energy is by charging balloons with on our hair, and what current electricity is by learning to connect parallel and series circuits with christmas lights and a battery. Then we  introduced them to how motors and generators work by attaching a 9volt motor to each of our wind turbines. Using a multimeter, we  found out that each one can generate about .5 volts. Our next goal will be to attach them all in a grid to generate enough electric power to light up a LED. LOL!

We also started to draw ideas on how we would like our camping tent to be a comfortable place. Everyone so far would like to have fan system and pillows.


A project by Studio CNS
Made possible by Phoenix Wang + The Hacktory After School