We are currently designing a robust community-oriented initiative called Healing Our Wounds.  The goal of the project is to choreograph a participatory public performance to be repeated several times over two months near Philadelphia’s former Walnut Street Jail (circa 1790) where, for the first time in the USA, a corridor of single prison cells had been built to isolate prisoners in order to “alleviate the misery of prisoners” from the overcrowding jail.  This production will include redesigning a sculptural audio device central to the project, known as the Talking Ball, and using it for a series of four participatory workshops. The project will serve as a vehicle for emancipation through the use of the Talking Ball, dialogue with the site, workshops and public performance.




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CNS initiate and research counter narratives about bio-power, urbanism, culture and technology; and we explore these areas of interest through parody, live-art, civic engagement, pedagogy, multimedia, design, extra-disciplinary art practice.
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