Studio CNS / Counter Narrative Society

About the CNS

An artistic research activist unit exploring counter narratives through parody, civic engagement, multimedia and extra-disciplinary art practice.


Founded in 2007 in the city of San Francisco CA, the CNS initiates and researches counter narratives about bio-power, urbanism, culture and technology. Their recent projects, under the guise of the Invisible Punishing Machine have focused around the idea of mass punishment. In their performances, multimedia installations, tactical objects and multifaceted projects, CNS uses a practice that they call Paradoxical Remedies to “playfully counteracts undesirable and traumatic conditions by creating sometimes difficult emotional, anomalous situations.”

Currently they live in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and are working on a series of projects with local anti-prison grassroot organizations to deal with the effects of mass incarceration and understand the historical institutions of social control that gave birth to modern ideas about freedom, justice, and penitence.



CNS: Contributors and Friends
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