Studio CNS / Counter Narrative Society

…when the invisible punishing machine is everywhere…


…Fieldwork, Survival Kits, Conversation Pieces, Installations, Ephemeral Encounters and Actions to transform the weight I carry from witnessing and studying the colossal architecture of the invisible punishing machine

Started OCTOBER 2010 | Cambridge & Boston, MA / San Francisco & Fort Bragg, CA / Philadelphia, PA …

Since 2010, the Counter Narrative Society (aka Mabel Negrete CNS and Collaborators) has been developing a multifaceted long-term dialogical fieldwork called …when the invisible punishing machine is everywhere…The Weight I Carry with Me.

It has consisted of organizing nomadic encounters and creating para-fictional actions as paradoxical remedies to interrogate intimately how invisible punishment, alienation and social-urban control in the terrain of the USA has affected CNS’s family, friends, oneself and the community at large who have suffered the invisible effects of state control, incarceration and inequality. In other words, it is a kind of counter narrative that seeks to transform the weight CNS’s carries from studying and witnessing the invisible punishing machine that resides deep inside the body and in the habitus of control.