Studio CNS / Counter Narrative Society

You and Me

YOU AND ME, by Comparulos y Lamaldita

Performative Installation Shedding Light on the Consequences of Torture, Alienation and Inequality


Through written correspondence and architectural renderings of a living space, “You and Me”, is a project that compares a day in the life of two siblings – one who lives in prison and one who lives in freedom. Lamaldita engraves a letter of her brother and one of herself upon two fabricated walls. The inscription describes their daily existence. One description is told from a Security Housing Unit (SHU) at Corcoran State Prison in a manner similar to carving hatch marks on inner-walls and the other from the Mission district in a careless free style. Lamaldita creates a comparative scaled blueprint of her apartment bathroom and the prison cell her brother is forced to call home, bringing attention to the physical confinement of imprisonment and what a free society takes for granted.

[1. Here the photographs depict live performance during the opening reception of the show where I am writing my story on the wall representing my bathroom.  ]
[2. These photographs shows live performance where I am wearing a similar outfit as Jose was forced to used and writing in the wall representing his prison cell. ]
[3. Photographs shows audiences interacting with installation after the performance. ]
[4. Top images: These are photographs depicting the installation’s overview, envelop and letter from Jose Negrete.]