Studio CNS / Counter Narrative Society

What we do

We initiate and research counter narratives about bio-power, urbanism, culture and technology; and we explore these areas of interest through parody, live-art, civic engagement, pedagogy, multimedia, design, extra-disciplinary art practice or ART + RESEARCH + PEDAGOGY + ACTIVISM + hi/lo-Tech-fiction:

Tell stories, Perform, facilitate and create in peculiar ways as a truth telling strategy for:

  • Self-Expression, Self-Empowerment and Self-Determination
  • Intercultural Facilitation and Participatory Design
  • Social Engagement, Grassroots Anti-oppression Organizing and Public Projects


  • Print and Web Base Graphic Design for Public/Community Participation
  • Wearable, Portable and Participatory Tactical Objects
  • Stories, Performances, Installations, Events and Participatory Experiences
  • STEAM Integrated Curriculums, Workshops and Project Based Learning environments


  • Contemporary Art, Performance Art, Public/Socially Engaged Art Practice, Artistic Research and Visual Studies at the intersection of Participatory Media, Tactical Media and Video Production.
  • Multidisciplinary Curriculums (Art/Science; Art/Cultural Studies; Art/Activism; Art/Social Practice;… Art/Life/You name it!)


  • Anti-Oppression, Emotional Justice, The Personal is Institutional, The Body and The Self
  • Performativity, Social Practice, Social Sculptures and Time based work
  • Counter narratives, community, technology, urbanism and the menacing structures of control through site works, design, performances, activism, writing, teaching and multimedia.
    • ei: Our recent projects, under the framework of the Invisible Punishing Machine, have focused around the idea of documenting and studying what is mass punishment and the society of control. To this end, currently we live in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we are working on a series of creative projects with activists, professionals, residents and anti-prison grassroots organizations to deal with the effects of mass incarceration and to understand the historical institutions of social control that gave birth to modern ideas about freedom, justice, and penitence.

To See Works Sample before and after coming to Philadelphia:
Current Artistic Research